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The Death Of A Rose

At first there was white,
And innocence flew before it like a dove.
Then there is red,
And as it wilts so does our love.
Next will be yellow,
That it may not follow suit is my fervent prayer to God above.

Darkness And Light

Darkness surounds me,
The dark is pain.
Darkness washes over me,
The dark is lonely.

Everywhere I go all is darkness.
All I have ever known is the dark.
The pain can not hurt me,
The loneliness doesn’t bother me.
For all I have seen is darkness.

Staring into the dark
I stumble upon a light.
The light is not pain,
The light is not alone.

Though the light is small and fragile,
Oppressed by the dark that surounds her,
For the darkness would smother her light.
The darkness can not stand her light,
For she has no part of the darkness.

I would build her up,
So all could see her light.
For she is beauty,
And she is Joy.

Where ever she goes there is no pain,
In her presence I am not lonely.
She melts away all suffering,
She is warmth, where the dark is cold.
She brought be into her light.

Yet she has left me,
Driven me away.
Casting me back,
Back into the dark.

As the darkness surounds me I feel pain.
For she has made known to me such joy.
As the dark washes over me I am alone.
For, in her, I once had a true friend.
I have seen the light and now am in darkness.

If only I could forget.
If only I could not feel.
If only I could go back,
Once more unto the light.

But she asked me to go away from her light,
And I can not refuse anything, from that light.
Even to stand on the edge of her light.
Would be a relief from the darkness around me,
Yet I must leave, for she has commanded me to go

If I forget,
If I stop felling,
If I give in,
I will become the darkness.
You ask for strength,
Yet I am weak.
You ask for joy,
But I have sorrow.

You need healing,
Yet I am pain,
You need peace,
But I have strife

You bring happiness,
Yet I am distress.
You bring laughter,
But I have tears.

You are filled with life,
Yet I am death.
You are filled with love,
But I have anger.

When darkness surounds you, I will fill you with light.
When cold washes over you, I will bring warmth.
When you need time, I would give you eternity.
When you ask for strength, I give you all I that have.
For everything that is mine, I get from you.


Can those be the walls, who were once so strong?
And these the streets, who were once filled with joy?
Where are the people whose houses these were?

Streets are deserted,
The houses are burned,
The people have fled,
The walls have fallen,
The city is gone.

Could these be the fields that yielded rich crops?
Those the farms that were once so prosperous?
This is the road that the merchants once trod.

Merchants gone a way,
Roads over grown,
Fields are laid to waste,
The farmers are dead,
Everything is gone.

Where the green forests once so majestic?
These were meadow where birds sang and deer fad.
Mountains and fivers gave life to the land.

The rivers are dried up,
The animals are gone,
Smoldering stumps are
All that remains, all
Is desolation.

I have seen the whole land.
The end has arrived.
Nothing is left.
All is dead.
I’m alone.

Pain And The Void

As I stand on a parapet
I look into the void,
That great nothing that calls to me.
All is useless.
All is nothing.
All is pain.

Darkness surrounds me.
fog washes over me.
It smothers all sound,
All sense of feeling is lost.
All except pain!

As I stand on a parapet
I look into the void,
That great nothing that calls to me.

“It takes losing something
To know its true value.”
Or so others would say.
Yet I am want to ask,
“Does one really enjoy it to start with?”

All is useless.
All is nothing.
All is pain.

Does it exist at all,
Can such a thing be real?
Or is it all just a myth – made-up by some poet,
A poor soul trying to chase away darkness.
A false hope giving a false light.

As I stand on a parapet
I look into the void,
That great nothing that calls to me.

I would that it were a myth,
then I would have lost nothing.
For how can you have lost what isn’t real?
How can one miss what one never had?
Why should nothing give me such pain?

All is useless.
All is nothing.
All is pain.

Is the pain nothing as well?
Surely not, for it crushes me.
And so the pain tells me it is no myth,
That all is not lost, there is a hope.
Thus I find hope in the pain.

As I stand on a parapet
I look into the void,
That great nothing that calls to me.

All is not lost for I have hope;
Not hope in the now,
Nor even hope in what may come,
But hope in an “afterwards”;
An “afterwards”, through hope, from pain.

All is not useless.
All is not nothing.
Though there is pain.

As I stand on a parapet
I look into the void,
That great nothing that calls to me.
All is not useless.
All is not nothing.
Though there is pain

A song to praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord all yea nations,
Cry for joy all yea people.
The mountains shout His name,
The heavens echo His praise.
For He has done wondrous things.
He has heard my groaning,
He has answered my prayer.

I am as nothing, all my toils turn to dust.
I am dead and still my enemies pursue me.
They would grind my ashes in to the ground,
They would scatter my bones across all the earth.
All my strength is gone,
I can not save my self.

My actions have brought on my own ruin.
The wolves howl'd and I threw open the gate.
A thief nocks, but the door stands open.
Danger threatens and I run to my own death.
Defeat is immanent,
Destruction assured.

The city is under siege, surrounded on all sides.
The gates have fallen, they have pierced her defense.
I fight in the streets, but all hope is lost,
They have taken the citadel, the city is theirs.
Who can save her?
All her heroes are dead,

There is yet one that will fight for me.
He is stronger then all my foes.
With out Him I am helpless.
He saves me before I ask.
He saves me,
I am His.

In A Forge

Out of the darkness comes a light
Is it the break of a glorious day?
No, a false dawn (like all the others),
A mirror image of what might have been
Fleeing faster than it came to be.
I am alone in the dark again
A cold wind blows, all besides is still.
I take comfort in the damp and cold
All else is gone, only this remains.
The darkest hour is not yet here!

Now a raging tempest has its hold
The crack of thunder, lightning strikes
Deafens the ears, searing bright and hot.
A howling wind and driving hail
Hammers pounding, turning, and folding.
A brief respite, it slackens to rain
Delicate and firm, shapes me anew.
Colder still, it turns to snow and sleet.
Heated in fire, to be quenched in ice!
The storm passed only I am here...



The sun is bright, the zephyr is light,
It’s a glories spring day.
The hills are green, the birds do sing.
A path leads along the way.
Yet I see none of it, all is black and gray.

The stars are clear, the moon is here.
A hot summer has its hold.
The air is still upon the hill.
Romantic cupels make bold.
Yet to me it all feels so bleak and cold.

The breeze is crisp, and comes in wisps.
Fall is here all orange and red.
The grass turns fawn, and morning dawns.
Thus summer and fall are wed.
But alas, to me every thing is dead.

The snow does fall, outside the hall.
Now winter days are here
We deck the halls, and dress for balls,
Carols are sung, and friends are near.
But for me, every thing is filled with tears.




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